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See you at cdCon + gitOpsCon & Open Source Summit 2023

See you there when I see you!


On Netlify’s bandwidth bill & saving thousands of dollars

Short rant not on Netlify’s billing but more into engineering teams’ inertia for SaaS tools, leading to expensive bills.


Future Vipul’s guide to backing up social media profiles

This generation’s social media consumption (read addiction) is exponentially increasing. It’s getting more & more diverse as time goes on and the dopamine hit wears off. I am part of this generation. It’s me, I am the problem, it’s me.

While we make bad choices with our private data to stay connected, I wanted to prepare and safeguard my data. Hence, yet another blog in the Future Vipul series on backing your “virtual life” hosted on popular “potentially secure” social media platforms.


On leaving.

Leaving is frequent, seldom appreciated, and always leads to change.

A teen leaving their parents to pursue higher studies or opportunities.
A relative concludes their trip on their way home.
A friend heading out to never see them again.

I have been thinking to leave. I have finally decided. I am leaving.

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Perform surgery on your past git commits using interactive rebase

Quick 4 am blog on something I learned today.


Let’s goto: Thailand for a month, scuba diving!

A month of eating Pad Thai, learning scuba diving, and shopping. What more do you want to do in Thailand?


[No soldering] RGB Ambient Lighting: Arduino + WS2812B no soldering build

Come along, no time to waste. It’s almost 2 am here, and I want to document this build immediately. Spoiler warning, it took me 8 months to complete this blog.


Incidents Response in tech but from the eyes of the customer.

It’s 2022, and companies still aren’t equipped to handle incidents better.

Incidents can be best defined as a breakdown of a well-oiled machine running on code in a carefully spun environment using complex configurations. Folks in the industry, developers, and customers alike know it all too well. An undesirable phenomenon so common these days that even after years of development, we haven’t figured out how to deal with it adequately. This post is not about how to solve incidents better but handle them well at least publically.  


Skydiving, Expo2020, and the tallest building in the world – A 10-day itinerary to Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Back in April, my friend sent me this message on Instagram. And two weeks later, after rushed planning, I was on my way to finally cover these two cities. We cramped so much into this 10-day trip with so little planning that the satisfaction and exhaustion were well worth the effort. Here’s what we did, how things were planned, tips, and essentially me documenting my journey to help others plan their time in the City of Gold.

Translation: “Want to go to Dubai this month?” (Sent 20 days before the trip)

Future Vipul’s data backup handbook & other jank strategies

This is to document some rsync commands, a bash script here and there, and explain to Future Vipul how the backup strategy works for Vipul’s system. Future Vipul is a series on Mixster that I work on to document guides that I need again and again as I work. I firmly believe if even one person gets the help from this guide apart from me in the future then it has served its purpose. I continuously update this guide with more information as my own learning grows and I hope to see you down in the comments if you would like to contribute as well. I wrote my previous Future Vipul guide last year about dual-booting.


Using the hobby CAD software, Fritzing on Linux for free

Fritzing is an open-source initiative to develop amateur or hobby CAD software for the design of electronics hardware, to support designers and artists ready to move from experimenting with a prototype to building a more permanent circuit. I recently started using it. The initiative has made the software pay-to-download but the source code is still open-source. This guide will take you through building Fritzing on a Debian based operating system and will require you to have a fair amount of Linux experience. If you don’t and have questions, feel free to post them below in the comments. Happy to help.


The new Jabra Evolve2 75 is great but disappointing …

Never has there been a huge step forward in an upgrade and yet turn out to be incredibly handicapped in the end.