On leaving.

Leaving comes with a tall glass of mixed emotions. Sometimes shaken with a shot of necessity, sometimes brewed with serendipity, but mostly served as necessary for growth and change. For me, leaving is not just an act of physical departure; it’s an act of courage and self-discovery. Hence, I have decided to finally move out of my parents and take in my opinion one of the most significant leap toward personal growth & independence.

It’s a decision I have made multiple times last year with all my trips. It’s one of both excitement and fear. However, I know that leaving is the only way to truly experience life and make real change. The solo month-long excursions have hopefully prepared me for this trying time that lies ahead of me. I’m ready to embrace the unknown and see where this journey takes me.

Context: Where you going, fam?

I am heading to Goa with the idea of living alone, working from there, and learning about myself.

Why move? Why Goa? Why do all the points start with the letter ‘P’?

Perhaps, there hasn’t been a good time as any.

Professionally. Working at a remote-first place has enabled me to live remotely and live comfortably. This will be my first ever move and I am pleasantly terrified of the uncertainty lying ahead. It would take some time to build my setup again from scratch but with the lessons of the past, I am looking forward to making better decisions.

Physically. I aim to get more active and build a healthy routine of working out. The passive benefit of being in a place like Goa is the major quality of life improvement I want to seek. To live in a place, where people wish to retire 10-20 years later is an amazing goal for me.

Personally. Friendships & relationships in the city, unfortunately, dried up for me in the city as folks moved out for work. Working remotely, Covid isolation, and the introverted self taking over haven’t helped in forming the bonds that I want to have. I have online friends but I do seek out a group of people living close by that I could drive to and share a snack with.

Parents. I helped my parents move to their permanent home and they have a fond social circle to keep up with. They travel exponentially more than me. With me not leaving the country anytime soon, this way I can stay away and make my way back home in half a day if the need arises. My covid affected extrovert self will figure out how to adult again in the meantime.

Place. My recent stay in Goa at my friend’s house led to a change in me. The community, the art, the food, and the city truly transformed my mindset about what’s really important. I have the privilege to build a better life, I have time to truly give it a shot and I really liked what I saw. This is where I want to be at least to try living alone for the first time.

P… Financially. In a blog, I wrote money gets you freedom. I have had a chance to get a taste of that freedom yet. Eternally grateful for being able to make this decision without thinking of finances first. Life has been good, I haven’t made any foolish money decisions yet. I haven’t been smart either. So yeah, should work on that but money wasn’t an issue and hence I took it to be the last point to consider.

Why am I even writing this?

Moving will be hard. Leaving everything I have known for the last 15+ years in this city would be even harder.

Documenting the experience has been my life’s return on investment.

Documenting my reasons to leave with a clear mind when I am in a comfort zone right now will probably help when and if I am questioning some of these in a few month’s time eventually. I also mentally prepare better when writing it down publicly.

So when we can come to see you?

Will be heading there in April. I will be accepting Airbnb bookings from friends and family soon if that’s ever going to happen. If you are in town, hit me up. Would love to catch up.

Will you write more about the move?

I intend to make these short blogs more like a personal journal. So, won’t commit to something right now but I will be writing frequently about the move. I am very inspired by Arya Murali’s blog where she did a great job at documenting her move!

That’s about it for now. Keep checking this space. Thanks for letting me borrow your eyeballs for a bit.

Live in the mix. Always.

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