Started writing for …

So, I haven’t written anything lately on my blog. I have been up to something, quite a lot actually. You didn’t miss me? How considerate of you? Click read more, I dare you.

Well, for starters … being a freelance technical writer. I started out writing at some new places, to grow my experience and portfolio.

Google Summer of Code 2018

On 23 April 2018, I got selected for Google Summer of Code under the organization Sugar Labs. Well, somehow I did. Still working on believing though. I think all those late nights of work finally paid off.

GSoC has this thing of noting down progress done each week by documenting it through blogs, which I think is pretty cool. So I will be writing all summer, a blog post every week. Cheers !!

Here’s the link  – GSoC #2018


The Geeky Way

It’s a blogging website that posts content about tech and tips and tricks quite frequently. Check out the article that I wrote for them.  Now, I don’t want to appreciate myself a.k.a being an obnoxious knob but it’s quite nice actually. Give it the click it deserves. DO IT. Hint: it’s about fishes.

Well, moving on.


OpenEBS – Documentation and Blogs

This is surely a big thing for me, as if not for most people. I started contributing to OpenEBS somewhere around June for the OpenEBS hackfest.

OpenEBS Hackfest is a 3-month long contribution festival that happens twice a year organized by OpenEBS. OpenEBS is a !YASSS Cloud native Containerized project. I didn’t deal much with containerized storage, but wrote and edited a lot of documentation for them. I was the Star Contributor of the Hackfest 2018.

Announcements – and
Contribution Details –
Writing Blogs @ OpenEBS –




So that’s a wrap, I will keep updating this post whenever. It’s not like you would be waiting for something.

Live in the mix, guys.

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