I for one believe in classification and organization. Thus, I would post links as to what each blog post is about in different tabs for easier navigation and much better reading experience for all kind of users.
Thing is, not everybody would be interested in the places I have visited or the new code/feature I have discovered in Linux or the Web.

” Learning and writing code is of no benefit if you can’t communicate well ” – Kushal Das #dgplug #summertraining2017

With programming, you can do magic.

Not the exact words of Aaron Swartz, Internet’s Own boy, Inventor of RSS and co-founder of But true enough. As a student pursuing Computer Science, the code is everything to us. It makes us who we are and what we do, what we stand for. This section of the blog goes out to them only.

Here are the links:-

1: Make Summers Great Again – #dgplug
2: Undistract-me – Terminal Job Notifications
3: Low Battery Curse ft. Ubuntu [SOLVED]
4: My First talk as a Speaker
5: My First Official Project: #completed
6: #Pyconindia 2017
7: GSoC #2018
8: InSync – The ultimate Google Drive client for Linux
9: StacksFX at HackIIIT – My #1 hackathon
10: Customise Boot Logo [Xubuntu:Discover]