[balena] 4 months of full-time remote: Hits, Misses and Infectious Initiative

In the last 4 months, I pseudo graduated without a farewell, couldn’t see my friends for the last time, joined a new role at a startup, put on several hats at work, organized meetups, mini-confs and now helping out with a major Python conference who’s tickets are selling out crazy fast. Subtle promotion tactic, I know. I experimented, grew out to do new things, built my remote setup, and now here’s me writing about the hit, misses, and infectious initiative about remote work of my past 4 months in a world that is burning both figuratively and literally. Let’s begin.


Working from home with the world in lockdown: A letter.

Let’s try something new and unique in this post.


‘n’ honest truths about working remote [Community Edition]

I thought remote work would be easy. I thought it will be comfortable, creative and carefree. I thought I would be so efficient that I be in the zone all the time. Only if I knew how wrong I was. Only if I looked to see beyond the perks of working remote to see the dedication and discipline needed. And the best part that I love the concept even more.

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One, two, three … GSoC !!

An opinionated fun start-up guide by Vipul Gupta for people looking to take the first step towards the journey that is Google Summer of Code and my views overall about the initial process. Want to jump in on the action? Click read more, as I go through every question that I have ever been asked over the years to get you absolutely ready for this year’s Google Summer of Code.


Confluence’18 : The good & The great

I volunteered for yet another tech conference and this time my mark has struck much closer to home. In my own university. So, here’s my take on Amity University’s 8th International Conference “Confluence 2018” held on 11th-12 Jan on Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Engineering.

“Too many big words in a sentence makes the sentence cooler by a factor of 10”
– Heisenberg (2018 AD.)


Benefits of Speaking Publically

A post regarding the benefits of public speaking that I derived, observed and maybe stating a little-exaggerated version of it that I realized from my talk at the meetup of India Linux Users Group – Delhi (ILUG-D) – My First talk as a Speaker