GSoC #2018

Final Report – SugarLabs #GSoC2018

Google Summer of Code 2018 was an awesome ride in roller coaster that- almost regrettably- ended too soon for me. It was the fun learning experience I had that made it even more memorable. Giving me both the freedom to try new things and a steep learning curve and challenges that helped me to keep improving myself. A community that I genuinely loved to work for. Read ahead to get an inside peek on my 14 weeks of GSoC’ing and why you should be a part of it next year … One funny light-hearted read coming through.


Acknowledgement – tation

Google Summer of Code 2018 is coming to end with Sugar Labs, and there is something I wanted to put out in front of me. For the years to come, this would be the thing that I cherish, that inspires me and makes me feel that I did something really worthwhile one summer of my life. To make me remember the awesome 14 weeks I had working for an organization that I truly loved working for- and I am getting all emotional about it, give me a hug by reading more …


HexChat: The Ultimate Guide #10/11

I rarely waste time on introducing topics. Let’s get cracking. I am excited about this.


Woche acht und neun von Google Sommer Code

I was bored of titles, so thought why not spin it a little this time. Since after all it’s the 1st year anniversary of my blogging streak. Let’s get started, a lot of things learned, this week.


Google Cloud Summit, LicenseChecks, 1st Evaluations, Bugs #6+7

So, you might be getting lonely that I didn’t write at all these past weeks. About the progress of my project with Google Summer of Code. Well, I know you don’t. SO why don’t we move ahead with me explaining in detail how awesome my weeks was. Let’s get started, shall we?  (more…)

Python + GitHub = PyGithub #W4

This will be quick, this week I learned about PyGitHub, that implements and interacts GitHub API v3 and GitHub Enterprise APIv3 in Python and could possibly help you with any crazy ideas that you might have with repositories on GitHub. Want to check for files on GitHub in one or 1000 repositories of an organization/individual. Done. Want to make a pull request, issues, and other administration tasks through scripts that users with access to. Done. Want to check repositories for certain parameters such as last release, members both Public and Private. Done.


Racing through config files with ConfigParser in Python #W3

Does it seem like to you sometimes when you have a lot of free time and even if you have your hands dipped, dirty, and stuck in so many other pies (projects) that would take you naturally a lot of time to eat and finish (complete), but you still want to reach out for the next big pie (New Project). That’s me in summers and oh man, the pies are piling up. FAST and FURIOUS.

Bouncers on IRC & The Week that went by

WELL, first up Happy Laughter Day that happens on the first Sunday of May every year. I know right, I didn’t even know it existed. This week had been full of activity as I am settling into my new project and making some headways regarding the same. Life couldn’t go any better as I met a very special friend over the weekend. I am excited about Google I/O #io18 this year, starting out on 8 May, it’s going to be epic. There is an extended session being planned in Delhi by GDG Delhi. I really hope it happens. The developer conf for Facebook wrapped up too, very interesting content and new developments that they brought to the table. Coming to the week of mine regarding Google Summer of Code 2018. Check it out.


One, two, three … GSoC !!

An opinionated fun start-up guide by Vipul Gupta for people looking to take the first step towards the journey that is Google Summer of Code and my views overall about the initial process. Want to jump in on the action? Click read more, as I go through every question that I have ever been asked over the years to get you absolutely ready for this year’s Google Summer of Code.